9 smartphones and tablets games we played in 2022

Smartphones and tablets have become powerful gaming platforms, and games for phones are often not far behind the productions known from consoles or computers. Therefore, we have selected the 9 best mobile games for you.

Papers, please

Papers. Please was an excellent game for PC, and it has not changed on mobile. It tells the sad story of a border patrol worker in a simple setting. The game was designed to be played on mobile devices from the beginning, but it took several years for this release to become available.

Starburst is a slot machine

Starburst slot game was first created by NetEnt in 2012. It quickly rose to become one of the most liked online slot games. Starburst, an interesting online slot with five reels and 10 pay lines, is very popular. This slot has a cosmic theme and features stars and jewelled symbols.

Call of Duty Mobile

Yes, we all wait for a mobile Warzone. This is the 11th season of Call Of Duty Mobile. The number of Android versions downloaded is more than 100 million. Although shooting on a touch screen is not as easy as using a mouse, your phone is always with you.

NieR Re[in]carnation

Square Enix has a second successful spin-off of its popular NieR series, this time by Square Enix. Although the gameplay is not as deep as those on large platforms, it maintains the same atmosphere as the original.

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy

This is a great new jRPG by Konami. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer too many mobile games, like Capcom. Although the opinions of players may not be sensational, I will still say that I enjoy it and find the story very addictive.

Alien Isolation

A great conversion from large platforms and definitely one of the most popular games in the Alien universe. Although the mobile version of this game features a reduced graphic design, it is still very similar to its original. This is a great example of how powerful today’s smartphones are. No free demo version.

Iron Marines Invasion

Iron Marines Invasion continues the very successful RTS Iron Marines. This strategy is simple and easy to use. You can also play it without the Internet. That’s definitely a plus. The cartoon-style graphics are easy to see and very appealing. It is easy to see what is going on.

The campaign in Iron Marines: Invasion is much more extensive than the previous game. There are many planets to explore. These planets contain both side missions and main storyline tasks. We must defeat our opponents using multiple units and the hero. Yes, the game has heroes. The campaign unlocks three heroes, while the rest are real-money purchases. Additional units are subject to the same conditions. The entire campaign can be done without spending money. You can treat buying in the store as developer support.

Total War: Medieval II

A mobile version of one of the most popular strategy games is now available. With the expansion of Kingdoms, the portable Total War: Medieval II was also released. It is very easy to use and lets you conquer the medieval world.

The game looks great visually. We can easily understand what is happening on the map and during battle. Although the touch controls may seem difficult at first, it becomes easier as you get more practice. This is especially important during battles where you must give orders to your troops. You will soon master the touch controls, and you’ll have one of the best ports for your smartphone or tablet.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms

One of the most popular periods of Chinese history is the Three Kingdoms era. It is, therefore, not surprising that the Reigns series chose to focus on this topic. This production was made possible by Netflix. Although we could theoretically download the game to our smartphone, without an active subscription to the service provider, we won’t be able to play the game anyway.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms’ main gameplay is virtually identical to what we have seen in the previous parts. This is a positive because it doesn’t require any major changes to the existing mechanics. They work well. Duels are the biggest novelty. The campaign features a lot of duels, as well as clashes. However, you can also fight with other players, which is definitely a refreshing change. Netflix subscriptions can have a negative impact on the number of online players, especially if you are planning to fight with others.

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