Bank management ib sports betting

The main reason for bankruptcy is not in losses, but in erroneous financial management. In the article we will figure out how to properly manage the bank.


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What is a bankroll?


More than 90% of players lose all their money on bets. The first mistake they make is misusing the game bank. A smart person learns from the mistakes of others, so in the article we will figure out what a bank is and how to manage it.


A bank or bankroll is a specific amount of money that you are willing to invest in a game. This investment involves making a profit. For example, you can put money on a deposit at interest, buy stocks or bonds on the stock exchange, invest in precious metals or buy real estate. In our case, the player invests in betting in order to earn a percentage of the profit.


Basic rules for the formation of a bank


  •  Invest only the surplus

Never play for the last money. Do not borrow money, on credit or in installments. Your bank should be formed according to the residual principle. He closed all the basic necessities of life, there was free money left – you can invest in bets. Remember that sports betting is a risk without guarantees.


  •  Get ready to part with money

Money doesn’t come just like that. Either you earn your own labor, or you invest, but you risk losing. Risk is inherent in any type of investment, rates are no exception. Invest the amount you don’t mind losing. Well, or at least the loss of this money should not affect the quality of life.


How to choose the size of the bank?


There is no universal advice for all players. Everyone decides how much he is willing to invest. One person earns 30 thousand a month, and the second 100 thousand. It is clear that people have different investment opportunities. But we will give a couple of useful recommendations.


  •  Plan wisely

Be prepared to lose that money. We have already talked about this above, but we will remind you again. If 10,000 rubles will hit the budget hard, you don’t need to load them on bets.


  • Set appropriate goals

Monthly winnings should be fun. If you invest 1,000 rubles and get a profit of 10%, you will get 100 rubles on top. Strongly cheer up such an amount? I don’t think even a taxi is enough. Therefore, it makes no sense to invest less than 10,000 rubles.


Major Mistakes


  •  All-In

Never put all your money on one bet – this is a direct path to bankruptcy, depression and problems in your personal life. Even if you are lucky once, you will not be lucky the next. After failure, there will be a desire to recoup, start dragging all the money into bets, become a gambler and derail life.

  •  Sure bets

Forget the concepts and terms: “sure”, “100%”, “will definitely play”. Most beginners burn out on this. They read advice and forecasts, load all the money, and then weep.


In the world of betting, nothing is guaranteed, one hundred percent and sure. We allow some probability, but the chance to win does not exclude the chance to lose. Sport is an unpredictable thing, one red card, an injury or an accidental blow and the bet is lost. It is important to go positive at a distance, but only scammers can accurately confirm the outcome of a particular match.




Sports betting is a way to invest in order to make a profit. To form a bank, you need to allocate an amount that you do not mind losing. It is better to keep the bank on a separate card. It is important to avoid mistakes and use uniform financial management systems.


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