Betting Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Odds

Starting a Betting Career

In order to become a true professional in betting, you need to know quite a lot of terms and conditions. Since when a player first enters the site of a betting company he has a lot of questions. He does not understand everything. First it is worth understanding the key concepts, such as the necessary conditions in order to make a bet, the terms and types of odds, kinds of bets. To get acquainted with the basic rules and values continue reading this article.

How to Bet ? 

Many players right after a few unsuccessful attempts end their development in the field of betting . Some stop betting because they are afraid of losing their money on bets. 

A quite dangerous option is to play without setting a limit on the bankroll. It is worth immediately thinking about how much you can spend per day, week and month. It is worth carefully considering a plan of action for a successful result. 

Remember that betting is not a way to make money. It is above all a way to spend your free time in an interesting way and as a nice bonus it gives you the opportunity to earn real money. 

Algorithm of steps to get started: 

  • Choose a sport where you know the basics. If you are a complete beginner who knows nothing about sports and betting, you should learn the basic rules first;
  • Ensure a stable internet connection to the device you will be using for betting;
  • Choose a reliable bookmaker and register on the platform , one of which is 4RaBet;
  • Try to keep your emotions in check and not worry so much about losing;
  • Use money you don’t mind losing. 

Tips for Bettor’s Basic Work

If you decide to make betting your main job. The above algorithm will not be enough. It is worth spending time every day on analysing your bets, studying the gambling activity of players, teams, personal meetings and results. The second condition is watching all broadcasts of the selected sport. This will help you to always be aware of all the events in the game. 

Do not listen to other people’s advice, without logical proof. You can read the predictions that are posted on the internet, but always do your own research to make sure you can use them.

Also, you should not bet right from the moment you lose. Everyone has a great desire to bet and win back the money they lost. However, the experience of such actions shows that betting after losing only leads to more losses. You don’t think about the result, you can’t analyse games, players and teams. All actions in such a case are based only on emotions.

Basic Terms of Business of a Betting Company 

Bookmaker companies have not only operators on their staff, but a large number of analysts who study the upcoming games and set the odds based on them. 

It is generally accepted that the odds are set as follows. The higher the probability of a positive outcome of an event, the lower the odds will be on it. 

Apart from analysts, automatic machines calculate the odds and specialise in calculating the probability of winning. 

A factor that may affect the outcome is also the location of the competition. For example, even a team that loses very often by playing on their home court will have small odds. Due to the fact that this environment is unusual for them, they are constantly spent on home field all their games. 

But you should not always go for small odds and hope to win with them. That will never give you a 100% guarantee. Teams can lose one of their best players and even at odds of 1.5 lose.

Types of Bets 

A bet is a part of the real money which the bettor transfers to the betting company under the prescribed conditions. Its amount will depend on the final income as a result of fulfilling the prescribed conditions. 

Single bets

With this type of bet, the bettor studies only one event and carefully watches and analyzes it. There are several varieties of single bets: 

  • A handicap – a bet in which you specify the value in the difference of the final score between the opponents;
  • Ordinare – bet on the final score of the game;
  • Total – a bet on the total number of goals scored in the game by both teams / yellow cards, kicks on goal and so on. Different bookmakers can offer the most unique conditions;
  • Double chance – you bet on two of the three possible outcomes of the game;
  • Time match – you bet on the result of the outcome of the first match;
  • Correct score – you have to guess the exact score of the game, for example 2:4;
  • Asian total – the uniqueness of the bet is that you participate in two totals. If you bet on a Total under 2.32, the first half of the bet will go to the total of under 2, the second half will go to the total of under 2.5.


In this case you can do several sports events at one time and use the following types of bets: 

  • System – several bets “Express” . It means you place several bets of the same number on each event. If one Multi bet loses, then one group bet loses;
  • A Parlay is a number of single bets. In the case of one losing variant all other variants lose too.


 Here single and group bets are combined. Popular multiple bets: 

  • Trixie – you have to select 3 tournaments and place four bets. Namely three double Express and one triple ;
  • Yankee – choose 4 events and place 11 bets: one for 4 events at the same time, six doubles and four trebles Expresses;
  • Patent – choose 7 tournaments to place four Trixie bets and three singles. 

Bonus and Promotional System

Most bookmakers, including !!!! offer quite attractive promotions and bonuses . These are so-called gifts that you get for completing certain conditions. So for example all bookmakers offer welcome bonuses. They can be obtained immediately after registration and deposit. 

It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is worth carefully studying the wagering rules bonuses. Because quite often there are cases when players are unable to comply with them and the bookmaker blocks their accounts. 

All funds won with bonuses are credited to the balance of the bonus account. In order to convert them into real money, you need to make a few bets that fit the conditions of wagering. 

Bonuses are a great opportunity for both professionals and beginners. Often players use them to learn the rules of new games or to reduce the cost of real money and increase the chance of winning.

A Profitable Sports Betting Platform

There are quite a few betting sites in India. But not all of them can offer fair, legal and profitable betting.  4rabetbetting, is that bookmaker which can offer all the above conditions.

 The platform was created in 2018. In 5 years of experience, the operators have been able to thoroughly study all the players’ needs, correct mistakes and create the most comfortable conditions for the game. 

Here you can not only place bets , but also play crash games such as Aviator. Also try your luck in bingo and keno. Good bonus system will help make the gaming experience even more unique. 

The official website 4rabet India offers players to bet on more than 30 sports, the most popular being basketball, hockey, cricket, football, and volleyball. But there are also less popular variants, like handball and snooker. Video game fans will be happy to bet on Dota 2, cs :go , apex legends . 

The bookmaker gives you the opportunity to bet not only before the game, but also during the game. You can follow the events and change your bets . That way, you can increase your chances of winning. 

For players who are constantly on the move and do not sit at home, a mobile version has been developed. It can be installed on any device with an Android or iOS. Immediately you will see many benefits, the first one being the exclusive bonuses .  For all the information about the bookmaker, go to the official website 

Learn strategies, analyse previous team games and win as often as possible!

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