Here is Why Every Child Should Indulge in Snakes and Ladders Game

Besides ludo, a board game that enjoys immense popularity all around the globe is snakes and ladders. The game originated in ancient India numerous centuries ago. However, back then, it was not known as snakes and ladders, i.e., it was called Moksha Patam. After this, many variations of the game came into existence, but none could match the popularity that the classic iteration of the game enjoys.

Besides enjoying the game in the offline mode using physical game boards, enthusiasts of the classic board game love trying out different online snakes and ladders board games. Most online games offer players the opportunity to indulge in virtual matches of snakes and ladders for money, which is a prominent reason why enthusiasts prefer the online mode of indulging in snakes and ladders.  

One feature of the classic board game that makes it stand out is that it is suitable for people of all ages, especially children. In fact, every child is advised to indulge in snakes and ladders games frequently since it offers many benefits. Here are some of the most significant ones:

● It Enhances Children’s Counting Skills

The gameplay of snakes and ladders is such that players need to count the blocks and move their playing pieces as per their die’s roll. This aspect of the snakes and ladders game helps children to learn the art of counting in a fun and immersive manner.

Compared to learning counting from boring math books, indulging in snakes and ladders matches is a better alternative that parents can use to make their children count precisely. The more snakes and ladders matches children indulge in, the better their counting skills will get, which in turn, will help them when they study new math concepts which require counting numbers.

● It Facilitates Them to Develop Focus

Even though snakes and ladders is a luck-based game wherein players’ moves depend on the numbers they obtain on rolling the dice, players need to remain focused and active to ensure they do not move their playing pieces in the wrong way. Moreover, they need to remain aware of the position of their opponents’ playing pieces at all times.

Hence, when children indulge in snakes and ladders matches, it facilitates them to build their focus. Moreover, it also compels them to remain concentrated on their opponents’ tokens throughout matches. Due to this reason, many health experts advise parents to make their children play snakes and ladders matches regularly.

● It Betters their Communication Skills and Promotes Socializing

In the case of offline snakes and ladders games, players often interact with each other by indulging in harmless and fun banter. This promotes positivity and increases the fun quotient of matches. Hence, young children or teenagers, especially in their vital growth stages, are advised to indulge in snakes and ladders matches since doing so will help them actively socialize with other individuals.

Similarly, most online snakes and ladders games allow players to interact with others via text or voice chat. This aspect of online snakes and ladders game also helps children connect with other individuals from different parts of the globe and interact with them. Hence, it is always a good idea for children to indulge in snakes and ladders games.

● It Helps Them in Understanding Numbers Clearly

The snakes and ladders game board features numbers from 1 to 100 in ascending order. When children regularly indulge in snakes and ladders matches, the pattern and the order of numbers get imprinted on their brains, which makes it easy for them to learn the numbers.

This aspect of the snakes and ladders game board facilitates children to memorize numbers in a fun and immersive way. Moreover, when they roll the die and move their playing pieces as per the number obtained, it offers them the opportunity to add numbers, thereby contributing to their fundamental math skills. Therefore, every child should indulge in snakes and ladders games regularly.

● It Instills a Sense of Competition in Them

The world has become a very competitive place. Almost every individual, irrespective of whether they are a student or a working professional, competes with many others for different things, such as opportunities, positions, ranks, etc. Hence, every child in today’s age needs to have a competitive spirit. The snakes and ladders game is a great avenue that facilitates children to develop a sense of competition.

The primary objective of players in snakes and ladders matches is to ensure that their token or playing piece reaches the last or 100th square before their opponents’ do. This aspect of the classic board game compels players to indulge in healthy competition against their opponents in an attempt to emerge victorious.

Final Thoughts

When it came into existence, the snakes and ladders board game was used as a teaching tool. As it was known back then, Moksha Patam was used to teach children the differences between virtues and vices. The number of snakes present on the gaming board was more as compared to ladders, which signified that living a sinful life is way easier than leading a good life. Due to this aspect, Moksha Patam was very loved by children during ancient times.

Fast forward to now, even though the game has evolved into a more modernized version, it still teaches children many things. In fact, it does a lot more than merely teaching children about certain things, as mentioned above. Hence, every parent should encourage their children to indulge in snakes and ladders matches.

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