How to Tell if an Id is Genuinely from a Fake ID God

Haven’t we all wanted to experience the thrill of nightlife and drinking with our friends? Adulthood is all about having the right freedom to enjoy these pleasures, but what if you are under 21? That’s where a fake ID comes into play. Fake IDs have been around for quite some time now, and they have become more versatile and harder to spot. Everyone wants to own a genuine fake ID that will pass as a real one. However, to perfect the game of owning a fake ID, it takes a bit of knowledge and expertise. This article will guide you on how to tell if an ID is genuinely from a fake id god.

  1. State IDs have different features – First, understand how the original state ID looks like. Each state in the US has a unique ID card, and they all have some variations. Every state ID has some unique elements, including the background color, the state seal or flag, and the font style. For instance, Georgia’s state ID has vertical graphics, while Ohio’s state ID has a hologram with a repeating Ohio logo. The golden rule for checking whether an ID is genuine is verifying its features, such as the fonts, logos, and seal’s placement, to match the original state ID.
  2. UV feature – Another way to check a genuine ID for authenticity is using UV. UV is short for ultraviolet. Under UV light, every state-issued ID has different features that are not visible with the naked eye. Some states have UV features on the front, others on the back or both. For instance, California has a UV feature visible on the front of their IDs with a golden bear with the state’s name. On the other hand, Maryland has a somewhat busy UV feature on the back of its state ID. If you want to check your ID under UV, you can use a UV flashlight or a blacklight.
  3. Magnetic Strip – Most IDs contain magnetic strips. The magnetic strip is where you slide your ID into machines to conduct a quick swiping. The magnetic strip has unique encoded data that connects with the state’s primary database, e.g., the DMV. However, some fake ID manufacturers don’t bother to include a magnetic strip or fake the encoding, which can cause you problems. The swiping will either decline, or the bouncer may take your fake ID. Ensure the magnetic strip has details that coincide with the original ID, and the strip is present.
  4. Getting a trusted source – Getting an ID from a trusted source is one of the best ways to ensure you own a genuine fake ID that will get past the bouncer. Typically, the dealers should be former bouncers and understand the craft. There are various ways to reach out to fake ID dealers such as popular forums, social media or even word of mouth. This may pose a risk as you may end up with a fake dealer. Therefore, always purchase from known online vendors, particularly those that are in the ID-making business for a long time.
  5. Going Digital – In today’s digital age, getting fake IDs online is easier and quicker. Every fake ID vendor should have a website where you can go through their products and order. Over the years, several companies have come up that provide genuine fake IDs. A reputable online dealer will always provide multiple payment options, discreet delivery mechanisms such as Bitcoin payments, and even offer a refund guarantee. You may also look out for reviews and ratings from other customers before choosing a vendor.

Having a fake ID is, unfortunately, a temptation for many young people. However, the risks of getting caught with one are too high, leading to hefty fines, possible jail time, and other serious consequences. Therefore, if you must possess one, it is crucial to know how to distinguish between a genuine ID from a fake ID god and a phony one. In this article, we’ll guide you through the most common mistakes made with fake IDs and provide some tips for identifying the authentic ones.

The first thing you should look at when determining whether an ID is fake or genuine is the quality of the ID. Fake ID gods often use low-quality printers and laminating materials which are easily noticeable. Real IDs have a more professional look with decent printing and laminating materials. You can spot a fake easily if the front or back of the ID is smudged, has tiny white spots, or if the edges look choppy.

The second point is the validity of the ID. A fake ID’s listed information is commonly inconsistent, illegible, or has incorrect spellings, making it easy to identify a counterfeit ID. Additionally, US states utilize different designs and technologies for their IDs. By visiting each state’s DMV website, you can easily access the templates and specifications for each state’s IDs. This way, you can easily differentiate between fakes and the real IDs from a particular state.

The third point involves the holograms and optical variable ink features of an ID. These are difficult technology to replicate, as they are highly sophisticated and require expensive equipment to make. By holding a legit ID near the light, you can quickly identify the glow of the hologram or the color shift of its optical variable ink. Fake IDs, on the other hand, do not contain these or usually consist of poor graphic designs with poor quality holograms.

Another way to verify a real ID is by looking up the security and verification features of a particular state. These security features involve the usage of microprint, UV features, or scans of barcodes on the ID card. You may find This information on each state’s DMV website. Often, fake ID gods do not have access to these security features, making it easy for anyone to detect a fake.

Finally, it is crucial to note that a new-age technology, ID scanners, is now utilized to identify if an ID is real. ID scanners are available in hardware or software form and check for various physical and date features of an ID card. Many bouncers, liquor store employees, and other people who must authenticate legal IDs now use ID scanners. One of the advantages of using ID scanners is that they lessen the possibility of human error when interrogating ID cards. In conclusion, technology has made it increasingly difficult to pass off fake IDs as genuine, and these scanners technology have greatly reduced the theft of various items and dangerous behavior, allowing us to move toward a safer future.



Getting a genuine fake ID comes with a series of knowledge and skills. Understanding the ID’s state features, UV features, magnetic strip, and purchasing the ID from trusted sources are the most significant ways to tell if your ID is genuinely from a fake ID god. The stigma of owning a fake ID may not be worth it, but in a world dominated by age limits, it’s more than necessary to be able to hang out with friends legally for some time. However, underage drinking and purchasing of fake IDs come with severe consequences. Therefore, ensure you embody not only responsibility but the sense of fearlessness when dealing with such products.

It is essential never to use fake IDs, but if it is a necessity, it is always vital to be vigilant about the possible risks. Learning how to distinguish real IDs from fake ones is the first step in protecting oneself. Checking for quality, consistency, and security features of the ID are the best ways to differentiate real from fake IDs. Finally, technology always improves, and ID scanners are an excellent way to authenticate ID cards’ legality. Being responsible while drinking and following the law can save someone from hefty fines, legal actions, and other everlasting consequences.

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