Most Popular beverages in 2023

Humans have been consuming weed for thousands of years in different forms, and beverage consumption is one of them. One of the first drinks was Bhangs which are made from the cannabis tree. Now you can also consume weed in the form of beverages.

Alcohol is worse for your health and has many disadvantages like heart disease, liver disease, digestive problems, stroke, mental health, etc. Still, many people consumed it. Since weed has many medical benefits, it will have less impact on your health compared to alcohol.

Cannabis beverages are THC-infused drinks that are safe, tasty, and easy to drink. It will also help you to get rid of alcohol and has many types, so you can be choosy.


What Are Cannabis Beverages?

When cannabis infused with food or beverages become cannabis beverages. THC-infused cannabis drink is the first alcohol-free beverage, and it comes in different types. If there is any liquid, weed can be turned into beverages. Cannabis tea, cannabis coffee, THC-infused drinks, and many more are the types of cannabis beverages.

Beverages have many benefits and are simple and ready to drink. As we have discussed, weed has many medical advantages. It helps patients to inhale cannabis who find it hard to consume cannabis in medical formats. It is unique and comes in different flavors that provide options to choose according to the taste. Patients can take in the perfect dose with convenience.

Cannabis beverages and edibles are processed differently on the body when you consume them. Beverages can give the effects instantly because the bloodstream absorbs active ingredients through the lungs. Edibles take time to provide results because it takes time to digest before entering the bloodstream. It may take 30 minutes to 120 minutes to give effects.


Cannabis Accessories That Make Weed Consumption Easy

Since weed can be consumed in different forms like beverages, joints, and edibles. Cannabis accessories are purposely made for a good experience while consuming weed. For example, you are about to light up the joint, and your lighter gives up, which sounds irritating. Or when you are about to vape, and the vape battery gets down, it will not heat the oil. Accessories will smooth your experience.

  • Vape Battery

Vape batteries are essential products for vaping. It heats the coil that produces smoke and gives a high to the user. There are many types of vape batteries like automatic batteries and manual batteries. Automatic batteries are easy to use and have a shorter charging time, while manual vape batteries have more power and give a better throat hit. You can choose the battery according to your need.

  • Rolling Paper

There are two types of rolling paper available at Grassdoor: King Size Rolling Paper and 1 ¼ size organic hemp rolling paper. You can choose according to your preference. There are other options available like wide, shorter, longer, or narrow paper. They are one of the best rolling papers for classic smoking accessories that enhance the smoking experience. Hemp rolling papers are organic and chemical-free.

  • Lighter

Lighter is one of the essential cannabis accessories for smoking weed. Grassdoor has come to the Bic Lighter. It is stylish and perfect for lighting the rolling paper. Its adjustable flames will easily light up the joint. Buy the Bic lighter and enjoy your joint.

  • Cones

The pre-rolled cones are the best accessory for consuming cannabis flowers. Grassdoor provides 3 cones in one pack, and it will give the best experience. There is a filter on the lower of the cone for the best smoking experience. Fill the cannabis flower into the cones, light up with the help of a lighter, and enjoy smoking.

  • Hand Pipe

Pipes come in different sizes and shapes, and the most common hand pipe comes in glass. Cannabis flower is filled on one side while the user breathes from the other side. It is also one of the most used cannabis accessories if you are looking for one. Buy after seeing the bowl size because the amount of cannabis depends on the bowl size.

  • Aluminum Grinder

The most essential cannabis accessories for the joint lover. When we talk about filling cannabis flowers into rolling pre-rolled, it doesn’t mean we can fill the raw flower. The grinder makes the flower smokable after grinding. Ground cannabis flower provides even burns, more evaporation, and a better smoking experience.


Weed consumption has been a part of human society for years, and beverages are one of them. The consumption of cannabis beverages has risen in recent years because many products have come into the market. When cannabis is mixed with the liquid, beverages are formed. It can help the patients to consume cannabis and the proper dose and give instant effects.

There are many accessories available in the market that make weed consumption easy like vape batteries, rolling paper, etc. Order accessories and beverages from the Grassdoor.

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