Reasons to Visit Frankfurt

When traveling around Europe, Frankfurt should be one of the unavoidable stops. It can’t be called one of the metropolises, given the population of about 700,000. But it rightly bears the epithet of one of the main economic centers of Germany and Europe. This city is home to the European Central Bank headquarters and the largest stock exchange in the world.

On the tourist side, the size of Frankfurt allows you to visit most of the sights in a day or two, depending on your organization. Also, you can tour neighboring places and tourist sites. Roads in Germany are of excellent quality so that you can reach any nearby destinations quickly and safely.

Frankfurt has an excellent public transportation network. There are regular bus and rail lines around the city and nearby tourist destinations. Yet, you will have the greatest comfort if you rent a car and determine your travel plan yourself. You can pick up a car at the airport, one of the world’s most popular transfer points. If this option is expensive for you, look for agencies in the city and save (more saving tips on this source).

See Frankfurt in a Day

Frankfurt is a popular financial center, and you can see many commercial buildings there, some of which are quite impressive. You can admire skyscrapers and even climb some of them. You’ll have an excellent view of the cityscape. Opt for Main Tower, as it only has a public viewing platform.

But this German city also boasts spectacular natural and historical attractions. Nature fans will love the Palmengarten, the city’s botanical garden with more than 16,000 plants from around the world.

If you’re a shopaholic, you’ll love Frankfurt’s high-end shopping. Goethestrasse is a famous shopping street with a vast range of high-end shops, retail stores, and cafes. You can spend the entire day in the city’s central Zeil district, which is home to several art galleries. A visit to this area will leave you with a lasting impression of this vibrant German city.

The central square in the city is Hauptwache. It’s an important landmark and houses the museum of renowned writer Goethe, which is a must-see for any literature buff. And when you’re already there, visit the Old Opera and admire its architecture and cultural significance.

Heidelberg Day Trip

After checking out Frankfurt, you can have a day trip to any nearby location. For example, Heidelberg is only an hour away. Head to this town if you want to see more European culture and architecture. It hosts the Old Bridge across the River Neckar, the Knight’s House, and a magnificent Renaissance castle.

Driving through Heilderberg can be a bit stressful, especially if you’re here for the first time. So, find the nearest parking lot or an underground garage, and get a daily card. Then, tour the city on foot if you’re not in a hurry. If you plan to visit a castle, you can take a funicular.

Baden-Baden Spa

This spa town is an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle. Park your car, spend the entire day in one of the two spa complexes, and enjoy all the benefits of thermal waters (this town lies at 12 springs). Germans often come to Baden Baden to take a short break from everyday life and accumulate strength for the next race for material wealth and career achievements.

Rhine Valley

Rhine River and its lush valley are some of the most impressive sights in Germany. They are marked as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so if you’re in Frankfurt, don’t miss a chance to see this beauty. Get more information from Leiebil Frankfurt, take a rental car, and head anywhere from Old Town Worms to Mannheim, where you can visit Marketplatz, Planken, and the Kurpfalzstrasse for some shopping. In any case, you won’t be disappointed.

Frankfurt is at the very top in terms of quality of life. Its modern vibe makes it a fun destination for both locals and tourists. But you won’t be disappointed if you want something historical and cultural. Daytrips to nearby locations like Heidelberg or Baden Baden will make everyone’s stay in Frankfurt fulfilled.

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